Extensive experience and future-oriented expertise – the basis for successful global Human Resources (HR) management

Nadine Wilden is founder and Managing Director of WildenHR Consulting eV.. She has 20 years of international professional and leadership experience in large, middle-sized and small organizations. The focus of her activities lays in international HR management. With the foundation of Wilden HR she makes her experience and expertise available to the benefit of internationally growing as well as already international established companies.

Nadine is French with German roots, and lives in both Vienna and Munich. She successfully completed her international MBA studies in France, Germany, the US and Malaysia. She also holds a German MSc degree in economics. She started her professional career in Munich as a consultant in the German subsidiary of an American consulting firm specialized in international HR management consulting. Following her belief “I cannot be a good consultant and advisor to the business without gaining my own experiences in an industrial/service oriented company“, she decided in 2002 to join the Global Headquarters HR team of a worldwide reinsurance company. 15 years of responsibilities and activities in general HR management followed in local and corporate/global roles in large, middle-sized and small organizations in Germany, South Africa and Austria.

Examples for past projects and activities

  • Development and implementation of global and local HR guidelines and standards

  • Implementation and management of global and local compensation projects (e.g. job evaluation systems)

  • Introduction and management of global HR committees

  • HR status-quo analyses including recommendations for effective future HR management

  • Development and implementation of expatriate management strategies and guidelines

  • HR Business Partner for managing directors and top management worldwide

  • Projects around (global) new-orientation of HR organizations (change management in HR)

  • Development and implementation of global and local talent management programs

You are welcome to find out more about past projects/activities and get references in a personal meeting.